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Points Qualification and Racing Association Recap

For the benefit of the current members of the South Texas Speedway Racing Association and  those who may be thinking about joining or have questions about it, here is a review of the organization, itís purpose, benefits and costs.

South Texas Speedway formed the STSRA (South Texas Speedway Racing Association) in order to provide maximum benefits for itís drivers and members as well as provide a solid support base for track sponsors. By enlisting the cooperation of the drivers, crew members, owners and families to support the corporate sponsors of our facility, we have been able to guarantee one of the largest season points funds of any track our size in the U.S., over $18,000.

We are very pleased with the response to the association, to date we have over 160 members who have joined.  The presenting sponsors, PENNZOIL, Hi-Lo/OíReilly, and Circle K/CITGO are enthusiastic with the response from association members to date.  If the support given these sponsors through our receipt-for-discounts and receipts-for-points fund programs continues, rest assured that the season point fund purse will continue to increase in the years to come.

Qualification Requirements for Season Point Fund
 Must be a member of STSRA
 Must race a minimum of 75% of STS events
 Provide the required receipts of purchase from sponsors; PENNZOIL-$150    Hi-Lo/OíReilly-$400    Circle K/Citgo- $125

The cost for STSRA membership for one year is as follows:
 Mech/Pit Crew-$10
 Family/Other $10.

Your STSRA membership benefits include:
 1. $5 off Pit Gate (or $5 off driver entry for drivers)
 2. STSRA winnings payout
 3. Qualifies member/team for Season Point Fund
 4. Elimination of $500 deductible from driver injury insurance(driversí member fee includes this coverage, other members may
     request additional deductible, this coverage is through North American Racing Insurance and is valid at any track insured by
 5. No Charge for Tech and Tune (Play Day) Events
 6. No Charge for Season Awards Banquet

Member Receipts-for-Discounts Program:
 1. Driver-members receive an additional $5 off Driver-Car entry with receipt for $10 or more from Pennzoil, Hi-Lo
     or Circle K-Citgo. (in addition to STSRA discount)
 2. Other-members receive an additional $2 off Pit pass with receipt for $10 or more from Pennzoil, Hi-Lo or Circle K-Citgo.
     (in addition to STSRA discount)
NOTE: discount receipts for Pit gate/Entry Fee/General Admission DO NOT count towards required receipts for Point Fund    Qualification.

We wish to thank each member of the association for becoming part of this unique new sponsor/driver support program. We realize that it is something never before attempted in this industry...and we appreciate your help in making it work.  We also want to remind you that the sponsors involved also weighed some risks in putting up the monies for the season points fund. These sponsors put their faith in our track and our drivers, fans, and team members, the sponsors now know that their faith was well-placed. Thank you all for your participation, it will go a long way in making racing at South Texas Speedway even better in the future.


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